Expert testimony regarding marketing practices of electronic cigarette and vape products passes the Daubert test

The City of Chicago brought an enforcement action against two e-cigarette companies for 700+ illegal sales to minors. Though the Court entered judgment against the companies for the violations, it declined to hold the owner personally liable as an alter ego. It found use of age-verification systems did not constitute an unfair practice under the consumer fraud law. However, the Court denied the companies’ motion to exclude a marketing expert retained by the City, finding her opinions relevant to evaluating if their social media marketing unfairly targeted youth.

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California Court admits the testimony of film and television industry experts in copyright infringement action 

Plaintiffs allege certain episodes of Defendants’ shows Prank Encounters and Double Cross infringe episodes of Plaintiffs’ show Scare Tactics. The court denies Defendants’ motion for summary judgment, finding genuine disputes remain regarding substantial similarity and damages. The court also largely denies motions to exclude expert testimony on similarity and damages, ruling that flawed assumptions and questionable methodologies are issues for cross-examination, not grounds for wholesale exclusion. Disagreements with experts’ opinions will go to the weight of their testimony, not admissibility. Thus the case will proceed toward a jury decision.

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Court Rules in Defendant’s Favor amidst Claims of Racial and Disability Discrimination 

In a significant legal case involving discrimination claims, the court ruled in favor of the defendant, Calvary Christian School. The case revolved around allegations of racial and disability-based discrimination against the school. Plaintiff Ms. Jaketra Bryant represented her son, C.B., who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. The court’s decision was primarily influenced by the adjustments made by the Calvary Christian School to accommodate C.B. Learn more about the court’s findings and the key takeaways from this complex case.

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