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Retain, depose, challenge and question expert witnesses better with our custom background reports. Learn about Daubert challenges, testimonial history, licenses and certifications, disciplinary actions, and more on experts and consultants.

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Any Expert

We’ll compile research on any expert in any state or municipality. Whether our team has researched the witness before or not, we will find relevant info fast.


Multiple Sources of Data

Our team of researchers use multiple data sources to provide an the most comprehensive report on your expert.


Never Canned- Always up-to-date

Our content is updated every time a report is commissioned. Our research is always up-to-date and relevant.


Cost Effective & Accessible

Your time is valuable, we’ll provide the highest quality research at a price that fits into your budget.

Expert Witness Profiler has saved me and my clients time and money by providing prompt and thorough expert research at a fraction of the price offered by its competitors

~ Jonathan Guynn, Jones Day