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Jack L. Auflick

Jack L. Auflick

Human Fact. Psych.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Expert Details

Dr. Jack L. Auflick Ph.D. is an expert witness in the field of Human Fact. Psych.. Some of the cases where Jack Auflick has been retained as an expert witness are Advance Brands, LLC V. Alkar-Rapidpak, Inc.; Paul V. Henri-Liné Mach. Tools, Inc.; Collins V. Manheim Remarketing, Inc..

Dr. Jack L. Auflick Ph.D. has been involved in cases related to Products Liability, Personal Injury etc. in the past. These cases have been in front of judges such as Sarah Evans Barker, Tim A. Baker, Julian Abele Cook, Jr., Danny Julian Boggs, Alan Eugene Norris, Helene N. White, Mona K. Majzoub, Linda R. Reade, Jon Stuart Scoles in United States District Court For The Northern District Of Iowa, Western Division, United States Court Of Appeals For The Sixth Circuit, United States District Court For The Eastern District Of Michigan, Southern Division, US District Court For The Southern District Of Indiana.

This is only a representative list of cases where Jack Auflick has been involved and more information is available in our Expert Witness Profiles and Expert Challenge Study. These include details about whether the testimony was challenged or not, which party retained the expert, who were the attorneys representing the parties in the case.

A previous Expert Challenge Study on Jack L. Auflick's revealed:

Total Challenges8
Direct Challenges7
Indirect Challenges 1
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